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The emergence of the gig mindset inside organizations is a big deal.

It is changing how people work. It is challenging assumptions. It is opening doors for individuals and for organizations.

I call gig mindsetters a bold new breed:

  • Breed because they combine a free lancer mindset with a salaried status

  • New because, thanks to technologies, they now have powerful capabilities

  • Bold because they often make management uncomfortable and need to work hard to change perceptions from deviance to positive deviance

How does this apply to you?

You need to be aware of these trends, see how they develop, and discover how they apply to you. Individuals with a gig mindset have different paths: advocacy, compromise, exit. Which one is yours?

What do the Briefing Notes cover?

  • The Briefing Notes include information and stories from real people on the front lines of organizations.

  • They include links to articles and work from other people that is relevant to the Bold New Breed.

  • The whole is underpinned with data from my 12 years of research on the “organization in the digital age” and the gig mindset in 300 to 400 organizations worldwide.


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Many thanks, Jane.

Author of The Gig Mindset Advantage.

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A bold new breed of people are changing work. They are gig mindsetters, non-conformists and unconventional employees inside the organization, disrupting traditional ways of work, opening new opportunities and building proactive resilience.


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